So now that we've had our official date,
I am thinking about the logistics of moving.
I really don't want to spend our last week here packing boxes.
I'd much rather be soaking up that time hanging out at the pool with friends!

I've been given little nuggets of advice
about moving that I am taking into consideration.
One was to stay in a hotel the night before you move, 
so that you don't spend time the next morning packing up those last minute things.
Especially wet towels and other showering items.
Then you just have one overnight bag to worry about. 

Another was to have a small bag of toys put away
a few weeks in advance so while you're packing,
you can whip out these 'new' toys for your toddler to keep them occupied.

Although not eco-friendly use disposable dishes and flatware in the last few days.
Stop buying groceries two weeks before you move to use up all the bits and pieces.
(This will be especially handy since we are not moving into our own place right away.)
And save coupons for take out!

Have you moved with a toddler a long distance?
Have any more little pieces of advice for me?
Share if you'd like,
I'd greatly appreciate it!

One of my favourite things to do when we moved here
was send out cute little notices in the mail.
It somehow made the transition seem easier.


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  2. Amy used all of our boxes and crap around the house as slides and tunnels and for forts. Dont be afrain to make a mess.....and then just throw it all in a box.


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