Yesterday Claire and I were home all day.
Spencer had my car while his was at the 'doctor'.
Claire and I had a fabulous at home day.
It was lazy, filled with sunshine,
a new big bouncy ball

Claire has been showing many signs
that she knows WHERE and WHEN to
do her business.
She is only (almost) 21 months,
but she gets it.
I don't ever want to rush
or push potty training,
so like most things with parenting
my approach is to just go with the flow.

Yesterday while playing inside she took off her diaper and handed it to me.
(I might add she has gone on the toilet a few times already.)
So I thought, okay we can do this.
It was a perfect day for it.
She ran around in the buck for most of the morning,
then I put on a summer dress to go outside.
She didn't go in the potty once yesterday.
She had a few accidents on the carpet
(thank goodness for Resolve and rags!)
Each time she showed me and said 
"Uh-oh Mama, I _____."
Then I'd tell her
"That's okay, it was an accident right?
Where do we go ____?"
And she'd run to the toilet and point.
Then I'd sit her on her potty.
I also set the timer for 20 mins and she'd sit there
each time for a few minutes.

Today she's back in a diaper.
And that's okay.
No rushing.
No pushing.
She'll get it eventually.

But for one day she got to run around 
with a dress and nothing but the breeze underneath.

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