Supermarket Flowers

One of my favourite treats to buy at the grocery store
are fresh flowers.
I love to gather a few different flowers and a filler,
bring them home and arrange them in a vase or another fun container.

About a month ago
one of my favourite blogs A Cup of Jo
did a blog post about arranging supermarket flowers.
The following day while at Trader Joe's 
I picked a few different types of flowers and used the tips
from her blog to arrange them.

It is fun to be creative in this way.
Although flowers don't last too long,
they are an instant mood booster.
When I walk into a room where there is a fresh bouquet of flowers
I instantly feel happier.

My first bouquet was a bunch of white roses.
First I found the vase. 
I chose a short round one I already had on hand.
I trimmed the stems on a diagonal,
and removed most of the leaves
 (not all).

Then I very gently fluffed the petals to open the flower more.
I wanted a less formal feel to the bouquet.

as I placed them into the container, 
I trimmed them to size.
I wanted a nice small bundle, 
not too much higher then the vase itself.

The next bouquet I chose two different shades of pink and a purple,
all the same flower.
I also chose another pink flower for a different texture.
In each bundle came some beautiful greenery and some small white flowers.
For this one I wanted some taller blooms in the back,
and shorter in the front.
I also wanted to put them into something different
so I chose this pretty liquid measuring cup,
since they would be in the kitchen.

I used the same method as the roses,
except I didn't need to spread the petals for these flowers.
I trimmed them down,
then again once I started placing them into the water.
Trimming a little more here and there to get the perfect shape.
I added the filler green and small white flowers.


Did you know
that you should change the water each day?
An insider tip:
if you don't have anymore of the packages of flower food
(that helps keep flowers fresher longer)
you can use an aspirin! 
Just plop it into the water and it will dissolve.

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