Playing Outside

One of the things I love most about spring
(and summer) is the warmer weather
and ability to be outside without a million layers to keep warm.

The weather here the last two days has been moody.
Raining one minute, bright and sunny the next.
Then it turns to hail and dark grey clouds.
Then bright and sunny again.
We get outside when the opportunity arises.
Claire would play outside even in the rain and hail.
I, on the other hand, am a bit of a wuss. 

Yesterday the weather really was changing from 
one minute to the next so we only managed to get 
outside for our daily walk to the mailbox.
Today we managed to be outside a bit longer.
I brought the camera along to capture a few photos
since it was so sunny.
While going through all 200 photos
(slightly embarassing)
I noticed how much darker the later photos were
as the sun was gradually being covered by those pesky clouds.
Shortly after we came inside it started to hail,
and the pour rain.
(Something I've noticed about Portland,
it rarely 'showers'. It feels like it rains just as often as it does
in the Fraser  Valley, but when it rains here it really rains!)

Probably singing... 


  1. I recognize that cute green coat! And Claire accessorizes just like her friend, C.C.!


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