Spring Break

I am sure it is needless to say but I will say it anyways.
Claire and I are loving Spencer being home on Spring Break.
He has no classes this week or next,
only 25 hours of clinic each week.
Each day he is home either in the morning,
or home at lunch for the day.
What a treat!

There has been a lot of playing with blocks,
and walks.

This morning Spencer let me sleep in!
Hip hip hooray!
I was really needing a morning without my human alarm clock
to just snooze away.
After we were all (ahem, me) up and at 'em
we took a trip to the playground by our place.
We snuck the ball from C's Easter basket to play with.
(That's what I love about this age. She won't even realize.)

We had so much fun kicking the ball around, throwing it and chasing it.
Well those two did, I took photos.

On another note, isn't C's sweater cute?
Spencer and I bought it from the Salvation Army thrift store
when we first found out we were pregnant.
I can't believe that was over two years ago now,
and that she is wearing it. 
I think its adorable and makes her look like a little gnome baby.

Sometimes things got a little tangled...
(her facial expressions kill me!)

She is getting to be so big and independent. 
At first Spencer and I were following her around the playground,
our protective arms out to catch her if need be.
We soon realized she doesn't need that anymore.
She climbed stairs,
crossed bridges and went down the big
slide all by herself.
It was exciting and a little sad all at the same time.

She even went on the big girl
swing alone.
I was behind her kicking up the mulch into a big pile under her
in case she fell.
She didn't.
She was trying to copy Spencer and pump her legs
alongside him.

Today is a beautiful day
in more ways then one.
The sun is shining
the grass is green,
the blossoms are blooming,
my husband is home
and my baby is becoming a girl.


  1. Those pictures are amazing Michelle! Claire is such a sweetie and looking like such a GIRL!! and I LOVE the sweater! Its perfect!! Missing you all!

  2. Beautiful photos. Beautiful family. Beautiful Claire. Beautiful weather. ...Such a lovely post, Michelle!!!!


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