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A week ago today I returned home
from a quick trip to Canada.
We had a girls weekend up at Sun Peaks
to celebrate my dear friend who is getting married next month.
Not a staguette,
just an excuse to be together in our yoga pants and over sized hoodies.
C-Bear was upstairs with her Nana and Papa and the girls were in the suite.
It was a super relaxing weekend
...besides the fact that I got the flu.

It was very discouraging.
I made an appointment to see my doctor
because I had some blood work done before heading up the mountain.
Sure enough,
I am hypothyroid.
The top of the normal range is five,
and I am at an eleven.
I left the office feeling so many things.
I flip flopped between totally apathetic,
frustrated, sad and scared.

I was born with congenital hypothyroidism
which was under control most of my life
until 2009 when 
sudden fluctuations came out of nowhere.
In early fall of 2010 
they chalked it up to a virus attacking my thyroid.

This past week I have been battling that fear
of being that sick again.
Trying my best not to let it take over my life.
I don't want to go back to that.
Back to falling asleep while taking off my shoes,
gaining ten pounds in five days,
grumpy, moody, sad and mad at the world.
Extremely swollen face and neck,
walking around looking like a human balloon animal.

But I am trusting that my doctor will do her best,
that the Lord will have His hand in this,
and I will do what I need to do.
Fight my overwhelming urge to sleep,
exercise, get up and move,
eat a healthy diet and then fall into bed a very tired woman.
I have been trying not to nap during the day
because once I get into bed it is hard for me to get out.
I am talking about the need for a motivational speaker coaching me through it.
Thankfully I have a wonderful daughter who doesn't let me linger there too long.
(Here is a very non-medical but real list of symptoms. Scroll down to see list.
Although I suffer from many of these currently, having ALL of them is rare.)

The sun has been shining a bit this week.
The days are longer,
the flowers are blooming.
God is good.
He carried me through this once,
He can do it again.

This morning Spencer left the house to write his very last exam of his tenth quarter.
And hopefully just one more left in Portland.
Four exams this week
(remember a year ago when he was writing a ridiculous seventeen?!)
This weekend we are planning on heading to the aquarium,
cleaning out the storage closet -which I am SO excited about!-
and going swimming.
I am really looking forward to the next two weeks
where Spencer only has 25 hours in the clinic and no school.

It was warm enough to play outside this past week

We have a little artist on our hands!
She has been enjoying colouring and playing with stickers,
so while at Target I bought a box of sidewalk chalk.

Beautiful flowers.
The crocus' and tulips are popping up.
I added a little pot of colour to our patio.
Its amazing how flowers can alter your mood.

Even though it started raining,
Claire wanted to romp around in her rubber boots.

Playing dress up!
I had a box of things ready to put away
and Claire dug everything out
and wanted to put it all on.

We are on the downward slide to the weekend!
What are your plans?

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  1. Im so sorry that you have to deal with this again. You are such a fighter and Im proud of how you deal with the scary stuff in life. You choose to laugh, smile and keep it positive. You are amazing and God will give you strength to get through this again. I love you, precious friend. My prayers are always with you!


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