Back At It

Claire and I just returned home from two weeks in Canada.
The first week we were there,
we stayed at my parents house.
They were vacationing in Mexico with my grandparents.
Actually, my brother and sister-in-law were as well.
It felt kind of strange to be there without them.
But Claire and I had free roam of the whole house
to play with the dog, and entertain a few friends.
It was really nice to see some girlfriends
and catch up on girl talk.
I visited with my friend Lisa and her three kids,
it was super fun having 4 kids run around. 
I even met up with an old friend whom I've known since grade 1.
That was really fun to see her again.
And I had Jessi and Angela here to keep away the Boogy Monsters as well.

while writing an email to a friend saying
'I think we're finally over this sickness!'
(referring to the ongoing cold symptoms and upset tummy we've been passing back and forth)
I came down with a WICKED head cold.
AH! Totally jinxed myself. 
So I had to cancel plans with my other friends that had small kids.
As much as I was really bummed to cancel,
I would have felt even more terrible passing it into their homes.
Especially after they had just got rid of it themselves.

The next weekend my parents returned home from their holiday.
The same weekend Spencer was flying from Portland to Calgary, AB 
to write Part A of his Canadian Chiropractic Board exams.
This is for licensing so he can practice in Canada,
kind of a big deal...
Once the exams were done Saturday,
he enjoyed spending the evening with the guys hanging out.
But we were really happy to be reunited the next day and have those exams be behind us
(until June.)
We were also eager to head up to Sun Peaks for a bit of a break 
and his brother's wedding.

The same weekend began Jessi's wedding festivities!
It was her first bridal shower and the first of the events to come
in the next couple of months before her wedding. 
Afterwards we went out to see Les Miserables. 
It was fun to have a whole girls day.
It was a great way to complete a whole week of being with the girls.
I saw Jessi and Angela everyday that I was home,
and it felt so good to just BE with them.

That weekend my parents came down with
the Super Flu (aka Norovirus or Norwalk Virus).
A kid had it on their flight home,
and due to the air circulation on the plane,
my parents took home a nice souvenir.

It was passed around at Sun Peaks too,
starting with Claire on Tuesday.
Spencer and I spent all day Valentines Day in bed together.
No, no, not TMI.
We spent it SICK in bed together.
In sickness and in health, right? 
At one point he managed to roll over and hold my hand,
looked into my eyes and said,
"There's no one else I'd rather be sick with on Valentine's Day then you."
Aw, so romantic! 
Howard and Diane managed to get it as well.

Even though our week at Sun Peaks was a bit tainted,
we are so thankful we had Howard and Diane there to watch Claire.
And we are even more thankful that by the wedding on Saturday evening
we were all feeling better and were able to enjoy the night.
And, if you can believe it,
we are even MORE thankful that Tyler and Lorna (and Travis)
were able to avoid it.

Tyler and plans to come up to Sun Peaks Friday night
while Diane and I were out with Lorna and her friends.
The guys were going to skiing the next morning,
then meet us in Kamloops.
I know Tyler was disappointed that it didn't pan out that way,
but I really do feel that him being there could have gotten him sick.
Spencer and I ended up spending the evening in Kamloops
with them, while Diane and Howard stayed with Claire on the mountain.
It still worked out to be a great weekend.

The last two weeks 
were filled with sickness.
(Spencer and I are still coughing, and Spencer suspects bronchitis) 
But looking back on the last two weeks,
that is not what I see.
I see a time that was full of family,
friends, and beautiful celebrations.

The next two months are going to bring a lot of time on the road for Claire and I
as we continue celebrating Jessi and Craig.
Showers, girls weekend at Sun Peaks, a staguette and finally the wedding.
In between that there's school, 
spring cleaning and a visit from Tyler and Lorna.
All of the busy-ness is sure to make the time fly,
it certainly won't make it go slower, or even hold it still.
Right now we have about 4 and a half months left of our time in Portland.
And by the time Jessi's wedding is done,
it will be just a couple of months.

It is actually crazy to think our time here is coming to a close.
If you think about it -
please pray for complete and utter contentment with
where we are each day.
I feel that so much right now, but I want it to continue.
We are making decisions, making plans and collecting boxes.
This transition has been in the works since we left to come down here,
but I was not prepared for how rooted we'd become in Portland.
Its going to be a difficult transition.
There is so much pulling me back to BC,
and yet I know that there will be pieces of me left in Oregon as well.
It is where we made and had our first baby!


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