And Two Became One

On Saturday,
February 16th our family welcomed another Mrs. Smid!

Our younger brother Tyler married Lorna.
The ceremony and reception was held at the Brownstone Restaurant
in a downtown historic building. 

Tyler met Lorna in October 2011,
following a very exciting summer.
What a better way to finish the year then by meeting the love of your life!
He brought her to Christmas dinner that year,
and since then she has left an imprint on the Smids hearts.

It is so exciting to have another sister in my life.
Things are starting to even out between girls and boys.
(I also have a brother on my side, and he gave me a sister-in-law two and a half years ago.)

Spencer and Travis stood up for Tyler as he made his vows.
They gave an amazing tribute to their brother that evening.
Many people commented on how touching it was.
The love those boys have for each other is evident,
and I feel so blessed to have witnessed it for many years.

The evening was wonderful.
The vows were a mix of what they wrote themselves and traditional.
They stood up in front of 39 of their closest friends and family
and promised to love and be faithful to one another until they day they die.
Its beautiful.
We toasted with champagne, mingled, visited, met new friends and new family,
ate delicious food, cried happy tears and celebrated the beginning of a new life as man and wife.

Now the couple are off to Jamaica to enjoy some SUNSHINE.
(I can't say that I'm not a bit jealous.)


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