I'm A Good Mom When...

Some days I really feel like I earn a
"Mom of the Year" badge when I

-have all the bed sheets clean, and beds made

- my kitchen is clean and tidy

-I read books to my babe

- When she is fed a healthy dinner

- standing firm in a decision, despite a tantrum or meltdown

- letting her lick the beater clean of chocolate frosting...

- and then bathing her afterward :)

{When do you feel like you're "Mom of the Year"?}


  1. Awwww! Priceless. I felt like I was doing something right when we had some little people friends over and when they went back to their house, they apparently were asking to come back and see Amy!

  2. Aw! That's sweet Kim. Such a nice feeling!

  3. She is so stinking cute! Its hard to believe how quickly shes growing up! You are an excellent mom always! Im certainly not a mom, but I feel like Im a good house-mom when all the kids are running around outside, rocking their new personalized capes! :) Adorable! And good inspiration for them, super-girl gets her laundry folded a lot faster than normal girl! :)

  4. Awww I love this post!! So sweet!! And Claire is just too stinkin cute!! I would say that I feel like I am a good mommy when I let Rylee paint my nails. =)

  5. Also I want to follow your blog but I am not seeing a spot that says follow me? So how so I follow you? =)

  6. so cute.
    I know those days.. when tantrums are to a minimum.. we play and laugh.
    He eats well and the house looks decent.. those are good days


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