Hello Monday

Hello Monday
We enjoyed our first weekend at home
We celebrated my 27th birthday,
were reunited with friends
and spent plenty of time in our "cozies".

But today is Monday.
A fresh new start to the week.
A fresh new quarter for Spencer.
Lots of time in a new clinic,
adjusting to a new schedule,
and doing this all-day-with-Claire-no-husband-to-help thing.
Tonight I am gearing up for my first season of the Bachelor.
I have to admit, I am not a big fan of that catty kind of girl drama
(in real life or TV).
But my friends from church and MOPS kept talking about it all the time.
They met up every Monday night to watch it together,
so this year I am joining in.
If for nothing else then to get a night with those girls every week to drink tea.

From Lisa's blog..
Here's my Hello Monday.

Hello Laundry
Time to wash the sheets, put away the clean pile of clothes on the floor.

Hello car?
Waiting to hear if my car is fixed. Hoping to pick her up today!

Hello day-old coffee.
Not just day-olc, but 24 hours old, reheated twice.
Your standards drop for good coffee when there's a baby in the house.

Hello Good Morning America.
I missed our morning routine of cuddling, playing and watching morning TV.

Hello Two-Nap Day (I hope)
Claire decided 3:30 am was an adequate time to start the day.

Hello Princess castles, new purses and baby strollers.
Playing with Christmas toys right until bed time.

Happy Monday!

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