French Macaron (And Their Cooking in General)

I do not have a passion for the language,
but I do enjoy their macarons!

Spencer took me to our favourite breakfast place
for my birthday, Le Petite Provence.
Spencer's favourite are the risotto cakes
and I just love the salmon hash.
Each dish served with a warm croissant and raspberry jam.
Not healthy, but a treat.

We sat upstairs, which is like a loft.
That overlooks the restaurant and cafe, and the street outside.
Being here makes me feel like I am in France for an hour.
The have freshly baked bread lining the windows to the street,
and the atmosphere is so Parisian.

At the end of my birthday breakfast 
my birthday 'cake' was two of their french macarons.
(Except he still made me ice cream cake the next day!)
I can't really find the word to describe it... 
I had one classic almond, and the opera flavour (chocolate and espresso).
We managed to split the two cookies between the three of us!

As my birthday gift
Spencer and Claire are sending me to a 
croissant making class
with two of my friends Maria and Anna in March.
 There is part of me that is slightly afraid of finding out
how much butter actually goes into the croissant recipe.
And the other part of me is really excited to learn how to 
make this delicate and difficult french pastry.

Here's to being inspired!
(And gold dust on french cookies.)

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