A Father's Love

The reunion between these two
on Monday would have brought a tear to anyone's eye.
They held each other so tightly.
It was as if Claire was telling Spencer,
"Daddy I never, ever want to be apart from you that long again."
She held his neck for dear life, he couldn't even pull her away for a kiss.

That got me thinking this week 
about when we, God's children, wander.
How our return is like that moment,
but on a much bigger scale. 
I'd like to think that God has such a grip on me,
and I want that same feeling in my life daily.
That I have such a tight hold on God's 'neck'
that nothing could pry me away.
Unfortunately, this isn't a reality everyday.
I need it to be, 
to have that desperate need for His presence.

I just love the things our kids teach us, don't you?

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