The Last Two Weeks

We have....
...celebrated these three who share a birthday weekend.

 ... tried a Voodoo Doughnut

Visited the Portland Saturday Market with Nana and Papa

 ...played in the kiddy pool with friend Avery

 ....hiked with friends Craig and Jessi

 ... learned a new skill. "He shoots, he scores!" and clapping.

...shared a meal with friends, had fun playing with their toys. 

... wore an outfit that my dad really likes. 

...helped my mommy do the dishes. 

...went to Benihana for birthday dinner with the MacIntyre's and Cervo's.
There was a really cool guy who cooked our dinner right at our table!
(For your $30 birthday certificate click here.)

...learned how much fun a box can be!

Overall, I'd say it was a pretty fun couple of weeks!
Tomorrow we leave for a whirlwind trip to Canada to pick up GRANDMA!
What kinds of fun things will next week hold?

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  1. Hi Guys.. super cute blog... and how super cute Claire is! Fun to read your update... maybe see ya in Van this summer!~The J.'s


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