Smid Family Takes On Mexico

Better late then never, right?
{Click on the collage to enlarge}

{photos courtesy of Diane's camera and mine}

From left to right, top to bottom:

1) We were picked up in a flashy limosimo. Claire loved the blinking lights.
2) Claire and her Nana in the pool, all day every day.
3) White beach, turquoise water. Not too bad, eh?
4) Hats! It was a hard time getting her to keep her hat on her head, or my hat on my head!
5) Mexican market
6) Segway tour!
7) Not too sure about the sand, or the ocean.
8) Such a good traveler
9) Smid family pool shot
10) Lorna and I ventured out and trusted with our lives on the catamaran
11) Claire loved the fountains
12) Claire and her Smid men
13) Claire in her pool throne
14) This represents our week - reading in a hammock (and swimming)
15) Nana and Papa share dinner with Claire
16) One of the many treats Claire had that week. Benefits of traveling with grandparents and uncles.
17) She learned 'the Sprinkler'
18) Claire's Mayan buddies
19) the brothers (the nice photo)
20) family photo
21) ants in her pants
22) all dressed up
23) an unwanted guest
24) Us girls got our toes painted before we left. Now we show them off on the beach!
25) Exploring..

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