A Quick Jaunt to the North

Yes, I know,
I am a little bit crazy.
Just days after our guests left
I packed up a bag
(yup just ONE piece of luggage and a tote bag)
and drove up to Canada.

Spencer and I had two full days
to enjoy being a family of three again
before Claire and I headed up to 
say Good Bye to our friends 
Andrew and Edolbina.
They are leaving to do long terms missions
all around the world for at least a year, maybe even two.

I spent the first couple of days with 
our Smid family.
It was pretty low key,
some TV watching,
visiting with the Wilcox girls,
trying out some Won Ton soup
and surprising Pake and Grandma for breakfast.
(Claire really enjoyed Grandma's raisin bread!)

{Claire not sure of the lime, but goes back for 2nds and 3rds!}

Then I headed to Abbotsford -
a bitttersweet visit.
First, there was a good bye BBQ 
being held by Edolbina's family.
An open house for their family and friends to
come and say "Bon Voyage" before they leave.
Mrs. Krahn, in her true fashion,
had an amazing spread of food in their honor
and the house was FULL.
What a blessing to them to see such a turn out.
There were other visits as well,
and some time spent with my mom and dad.
Saturday night Matt and Lauren came by for some dinner and a hockey game.
We even went to the pool with G.G.!
Always so great to be with family.

Sunday Claire and I packed a small sleepover bag
and went to Angela's house for girls night!
Angela, Edolbina,Claire and I shared dinner together,
Cheerios and a game of Ticket to Ride.
Shortly after Jessi joined us.
It felt so good for us all to be together
one last time before we all spread ourselves across the globe.
We laughed, we cried, we prayed together 
and ate the most divine dessert strawberries.

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