Let's Ketchup

Catch up - 
kind of daunting to fill you in on the last few weeks.
How about short form, shall we?

Let's throw it in reverse and
head alllll the way back to February.
Remember when I blogged 
about the Westerhof's coming to visit us
and cheer on Alana?
Well the following weekend
two Dyck's and a Hagan arrived at our place.
That would be David, Whitney and Darcy - respectively.

There was some food and wine involved,
some pajama wearing and movie watching,
some baths in the kitchen sink and Voodoo Doughnut eating,
as well as a rousing game of charades.

Shortly after,
and I literally do mean shortly,
the three of them left for BC
our dear friend Angela arrived.
As some of you may remember,
Angela has been in Haiti.
We hadn't seen her since September,
when Claire was just 7 weeks old.
I am sure she saw a mighty big change
between the 7 week old and the 7 month old.

With Ange we did a lot of relaxing,
visiting and baking.
Angela and Spencer even joined 
Claire and I in a swimming lesson.
It felt so good to have her back in North America.
And it was fun to hear about her time in Haiti.

Shortly after that,
and this time twenty-minutes-shortly,
Howard and Diane arrived!
It was so great to have them here.
We shared meals together,
and we even did a girls day and boys day.
Howard went on his own (while Spencer was in school)
and looked at some wood/tool/boy stores.
Diane and I had lunch together
then hit a few shops in the Rose City Yarn Crawl.
Yup, that's a real thing!
We visited the Japanese Gardens (beautiful),
Podnah's (yummy!),
and Spencer and I even got to go out on the town for a date.

It was so fun to have three different guests in 10 days!
Spencer and I were tired at the end,
but both of us love having people around.
Especially good friends and family.
It is fun to discover, and rediscover,
the fun things that Portland has to offer.

Guess what I did three days after 
our last guests left?
Did you say "Go up to Canada for more visiting"?
You did?
Way to go!
That's for another post....

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