The Weekend

{Thanks to Darcy for the photo from her iPhone}

This weekend we...

- slept in - and woke up too early
- visited the outlets and bought a new belt
- watched a movie in our PJs this morning (Slumdog Millionaire), came home from shopping and put our PJs back on and watched another movie (One Day)
- ate soft cheese and baguette and drank wine. We felt sophisticated. 
- played an exciting game of charades. Things got a little out of hand.
- went to go to Podnah's (a Dyck-Smid tradition), but ended up somewhere new. 
- played with puppets, glow worms and squeaky toys.
- we sang Row Row Row Your Boat and Do Re Mi over and over again

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  1. Love the crooked little grin, happy to hear Sound of Music is part of Claire's music list.


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