Family Drives

Did you go for family drives as a kid?
We sure did.
I loved them, my brother not as much.
My favourite place to go to was Harrison Hot Springs.

Monday was President's Day
which meant no school for Spencer.
We decided that we would go to
check out the Japanese Gardens 
on the west side of Portland.
Apparently they are pretty amazing
and listed as one of the top things to do here.

We ventured out on the overcast day,
packing warm jackets, hats, mittens and blankets.
By the time we got there it was pouring rain.
It was also super busy.
We got out of the car,
looked at each other,
then hopped back in the car.
We decided to drive around the area instead.

There are some really amazing,
beautiful and crazy houses on the West Hills of Portland.
Some are really old,
made of stone and brick.
Some look like Spanish Villas,
and others are modern and made of concrete.
Here is a photo of a house on stilts!
Many of the homes on the hill were supported in this way.
{Please don't mind the photos. They were taken through a wet windshield.}

This one was one of my favourites.
It just says,
"Michelle, come read a book by the fire inside if my brick walls."
Okay! But the residents might wonder what I was doing there...

There was an amazing view from way up there.
Even with all the low grey clouds.
Imagine what it would be with a blue sky!
Claire enjoyed house dreaming with us too.
I think she was wondering,
"Where are the pools on this hill?"

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