Claire, what can I say about our girl
that I haven't said already?
She continues to brighten each day
and make us laugh.
And the more we laugh the more she performs.

We have so much fun with her.
This is a great age.
6 months + has always been 
my favourite with most babies.
And although I don't think
I could say that one phase of Claire's
life is more of a favourite then another -
this is a really fun stage.

On Monday Claire and I
began her 'Angelfish' swim class.
We sing songs,
splash in the water and blow bubbles.
She has always loved being in the bath tub and the shower,
so I was not surprised to see how much she loved 
the pool when Mom and I went a few weeks ago.
She is by far the most enthusiastic student.

She is still eating solids 
and her palate is slowing expanding
as she explores new flavours and textures.
Her favourites right now
seem to be kale and prunes {see above!}

She had her 6 month appointment
and her pediatrician was pleased with her
development in every area.
She is just below the 50 percentile
in height, weight and head circumference.
She is petite, but makes up for it in personality!
He could not believe {most can't} how strong she is.
She has been sitting confidently for well over a month,
and can stand holding onto the coffee table.
She gets around very well, but does not crawl.
Not teeth yet either.

Since Christmas time 
she seems to be a Momma's girl, big time.
She is okay if she doesn't see me leave the room,
but likes me to be close at all times.
She will cry if I leave her line of sight, 
especially if I walk out of the room.

We love her leg roles,
her "da-da-da-da's",
her belly laugh,
and it is so fun 
when she recognizes us when we
 come home/pick her up from kids church.

I actually find it hard to believe she's half a year old!

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