Yogurt Brulee

Last night I had a bit of a sweet tooth.
I am doing my best not to eat after dinner,
but I just had to have it.

Curving my desire for chocolate,
I remembered seeing this idea on Pinterest.
{Yes, Pinterest.}

First I put about 6 or so frozen raspberries
into the bottom of each ramekin.
Then thawed them just a bit
then scooped two heaping tablespoons
of fat-free vanilla yogurt on top of the fruit.
Then I sprinkled a teaspoon of sugar
on top and fired it to create that wonderful crunchy crust on top.

Caramel Brulee is one of my favourite desserts.
There is nothing quite like 
your spoon breaking through the sweet crunchy
layer into the custard.
This was a delightful,
delicious healthy alternative.

{If you don't have a torch, just broil it for a couple minutes in the oven. Watch carefully.}

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