A Week With Grandma

We picked my mom up 
at the train station on Monday.
The anticipation was building through the weekend
right until we saw her step onto the platform. 

We had both made lists 
of things that we wanted to accomplish
while she was here,
both knowing that the week would fly by too fast.
And it did.

Sometimes we relaxed in our PJs,
and went to MOPS.
My mom and I managed to
get away and share two slices
 of divine cake at Palio's.
Something I'd been wanting to do with her for a while.
We shopped, of course.
And I think the highlight for both of us
was swimming with Little Miss Claire Bear.

Needless to say I am sure,
the week went by way too fast.
Time with grandparents is always precious.
I feel so lucky to have my mom,
who is able to have a flexible job
so that she can come and visit us whenever she wants to.
Who is young enough to tire us out.
Who is a good listener, 
a good helper, a good cook,
an encourager, and a great friend.

{picnic with Grandma}

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