Half A Year


Remember that little peanut?
 Six months later,
she has become this little spit fire!

I think these photographs really capture her personality well.
She is so smart and strong -like her dad,
she thinks she's really funny - like her mom,
and she loves the spot light - unlike both of her parents!

These past six months have flown by
and we are so in love with our Bear.
We are excited for what the next six months will bring with her
and what new things we will discover about Claire.


  1. Happy half birthday Claire, can't imagine our lives without you. You are loved!!!

  2. Happy birthday, Claire-Bear! And I just KNEW Daddy's great hair would come in useful. . .even if it was to help you stand up!

  3. Can't be!!! Great photo selection, A-shell! The one in the red hat is KILLER! :)

  4. Can't be!!! Great selection of photos, A-shell! The photo with the red hat is KILLER! :)


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