Time Waster

Question: Is it really wasting time
if you enjoy what you are doing?

I've blogged about this before,
and I will again today.
If you haven't already
will you please, please visit Pinterest?
If you'd like an invite,
I'd be happy to send you one.
{Leave a comment with your email
and I will send it!}

I could seriously sit
for hours and browse through
the endless photos.
My husband described it well:
Remember as a girl
sitting with magazines and cutting out
the photos of things you loved,
then gluing them to a piece of paper?
 It's basically the online version of that!

Dream houses,
home decor,
recipes of the fat and skinny variety,
cute clothing and hair style tips,
cute kids and cute animals,
craft ideas and
fitness advise...the list goes on.

It's a vortex - it will suck you in.
{And its the perfect thing to do while the hubby watches sports!}

amazing curls
 yogurt brulee...mmm
 DIY Sharpie pillowcases
 Can I have a boy next, please? Look how cute his outfit is!

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