Some of you know about the 
Wonderful World of Pinterest.
Pinterest.com is an online pin board.
You create different "pin boards" 
and as your browse through items others have "pinned",
you can re-pin them to one of your own pin boards.
You can categorize them however you wish,
and Pinterest will make their recommendations of 
popular pin board categories.

For example,
you can have a Cooking pin board
and then pin different recipes to it.
It can also act like an online storage for recipes! 
You can also have a "Do It Yourself/Crafts" pin boards.
Really, the options are endless.
You follow your friends' pin boards to see what they are adding,
or follow a board of someone you don't know
because is something that interests you.
Some of my pin boards include "For the Home",
"Fitness", "Looks Delicious", and "Interesting..."(fun tips and tricks).

If you don't know about it already,
I suggest you take a look.
Once you get started your home page displays
items that have recently been pinned by people you follow.
The Pinterest.com home page are items that are being pinned by all "Pinners".

It is can inspire,
make you think,
offer a new perspective,
offers laughter.
I have often said 
"What a good idea!"
and "Awwww" quite often.

There have also been a few recipes I
have tried that I saw on Pinterest.
Like these Reese's Squares,
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes (good but too sweet),
 and these Lemon Crinkle Cookies have  been a hit.

Warning: It's HIGHLY addictive.
Once you go on, you'll be stuck there for a while.

{photos borrowed from pinterest.com }

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  1. ok so i LOVE pinterest - i could spend a lot of time on that website...but i never clued in to the fact that you can "save" the pins you like! ohhmygawwsh. THERE ARE SO MANY! love you michelle - miss you! (ps, please dont stop blogging, if you can - you're excellent at it).


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