New Years Resolutions

What comes to mind when you hear
Do you cringe at the thought of what you didn't do last year?
Are you excited of the chance to have your slate wiped clean
and start brand new?

What comes to mind for me is opportunity,
a fresh start, self-discipline.
Self-discipline is what I lack,
and every year I think I need to be better at it.
This year is no exception.

As December came to a close I mentally made a list
of what I hope 2012 will look like for me.
I feel like if I put them in my blog,
it will keep me accountable.
Usually, by the time April,May,June roll around
I forget (or alter) my resolutions.
Perhaps if I have something to go back to,
it will help keep me in check.
Let this be an experiment.

Here we go
(I am hoping that you as a reader are not going to judge me!)

1) Lose fifteen pounds by the middle of March - We are setting off to Mexico with the family and we would love to feel comfortable in shorts and a tank. Who knows, maybe even a bathing suit. Now does anyone have a stretch mark eraser? I hope to achieve this goal by bumping up my activity level and being more creative with healthy cooking.

2) Giving myself more "me" time - I tend to want to to everything and be everywhere and end up feeling burnt out. I hate missing out on things. Whether it is tea with a friend, gathering for a games night or a bigger event. If there are people there, I want to be there too! Claire seems to have taken after me in this way. When I sit down and think about this, as much fun as I have during it all, I find that I get tired, irritable and disorganized. Its a sick cycle. I need to find balance. Don't we all? My biggest thing is just saying "no thank you". Who would have thought it was so hard. What I'd like to do when I say "no thank you" is to make a cup of tea and journal and pray. I used to journal all the time and I haven't in so long. I miss it. If I have a free moment, I like to clean or catch up on blogs/social media.

3) Being more purposeful with my time and my words - I know the first part kind of coincides with number two, but this includes the company I am with. Being 'in the moment'. Giving compliments instead of just thinking them, encouraging and choosing my worlds wisely. 

Do you have any resolutions?
I'd love to hear them.


  1. Love the last resolution. It's wise and poignant.

    Minted Magazine


  2. Thanks for stopping by. :) New Years resolutions... so hard to stick to 'em. Yes, more me time is always important!


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