This year our Christmas break began mid December.
We made the trek to the Great White North as soon 
as Spencer's last exam was completed.
I am sure he felt like a free man.
We started our time off in Ladner
and had a Christmas party with the Smids the next day.
It was fun to catch up and everyone was able to make it 
except for Tyler and Lorna.
We got to meet the newest addition to the family:
Cousin Paul and Laya's son Rocco.

Unfortunately, it wasn't long after this that I realized
my camera battery was pretty much dead...
...and that I had left the charger at home.

The following photos have all been "borrowed".
I am sure you know by now that if I had my camera,
there would be a LOT of photos to follow.
Instead there are just a few.
My mom still has some pictures from Christmas day on her camera
that I would like to get when she comes down here to visit.

We had a party the next day with my mom's side of the family,
but no camera to prove it. :)
There was a lot of excitement with the little girls.
It was fun to get together with everyone you only see once in a while.

The following photos were from our week in Abbotsford.

After visiting with friends and family in the Valley,
and spending Christmas day with my family and grandparents
we packed up again (we had a ton of stuff!) and headed up to Sun Peaks 
for a snow white week with the Smids.

That sums up our 2.5 weeks!
We spent one more night in Abby and one more in Delta.
Then we were ready for our own place, our own beds.
We didn't get to see everyone,
but it is hard to everytime. 
If we didn't catch you this time,
we hope to next time.

Happy New Year!

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