Something New

Today was girls day.
Claire and I went shopping 
with Michelle and Marissa
to Washington Square Mall.
It is waaaaay on the other side of Portland.
We went allll the way there to go to Pottery Barn kids,
and to go to Janie and Jack.
I received a gift certificate there,
so I decided to use some of it to pick out
Claire' Christmas dress.
I tried to upload pictures but for some reason
Blogger isn't allowing me to,
so you will just have to click on the links to see.
Here it is : the Rosette Bubble Dress.
Won't that be cute?! 
Love the gold, which will be paired with
a cute pair of patent red t-strap Mary Janes we have for her.

Afterwards we went to 
one of my favourite districts in Portland,
the Alphabet District.
Northwest 23rd street.
Picture old brick buildings,
tree lined streets with little white lights,
boutiques, home decor shops, stationary stores and little cafes.
There is a shoe store called Ether Shoes
that always has great deals. 
I got a pair of little red faux-leather ballet flats
there once for $10 - REGULAR PRICE.
They have great accessories
(hats, driving gloves and whimsical handmade jewelry)
as well as shoes and boots at great prices.

While window shopping there on many occasion,
I had never seen a pair of boots more expensive then $60.
So while on the lookout for a great pair of fall boots
the past few months, I kept going back to Ether's website.
After seeing similar boots in other stores for $120 and up
(most about $180)
I finally decided that for my student budget
I was to replace my well-loved falling apart 
(literally, I lost my heel on the way to MOPS last week!)
boots with a pair from Ether.
I chose Outlaw-91 in the dark brown.
Winner, winner chicken dinner!

With Claire's new dress, my boots and a scarf,
I officially feel ready for the season!

Is there any particular items that make you feel "Fall Ready?"
Something old? Something new?
Something tried and true?

Looking forward to a family photo shoot by the colorful trees by Michelle!

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