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Happy Sunday!
What have you been up to this weekend? 
Do you go to a pumpkin patch and drink hot cider?
Or maybe went for a hike in the ... rain?
Friday we night we layed low with a cranky baby.
Saturday was also lazy, but we spent the afternoon
walking to the local produce market then taking the long way home.
We capped it off with some friends coming over to watch the Canucks beat the Oilers!
(Two of our guests happen to be from Edmonthon. Heh heh heh.)
Sunday we went to a new church,
the one I go to MOPS at.
Now we are parked in front of the TV
watching football,

Here are some fun things from around the World Wide Web - 

Guiltlessly cruising the holiday pages of Pottery Barn.

What a precious Little Mermaid.

A gorgeous bowl.

He's Not Perfect.

A little note to say howdy, mister.

Some good tips on how to massage a baby. I think I'll use these!

Oh, yum.

Haters gonna hate.

This is funny : Inside the mind of a two year old.

How to say razor blades in an Australian accent.

A sweet sentiment to send your loved one.

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