What A Week!

What a week it has been.
I cannot believe that today is Friday.
Each day I try so hard to relish each moment that
 seems to just slip between my fingers.
Claire is changing rapidly each day,
and it makes me want to just hold onto each
precious moment forever.

Our stay in the hospital was 
much longer than I wanted it to be.
But on the plus side,
we are so thankful for a team of nurses
and doctors that looked over us.

Claire and I both had very high fevers
at the time of delivery.
It was suspected it had to do with
my membranes rupturing so early,
and then my labor starting many hours later.
This leaving room for the natural bacteria
to work its way.
That and Claire's high white blood cell count
lead them to believe there was infection.

As a precaution both of us were put onto 
antibiotics. Especially since I am nursing,
and Claire being so little and newborn.
I was fine with it,
but it was so hard to see her with a teeny IV in her foot.
Shortly afterwards her belliruben levels spiked.
She was a bit yellow,
but Jesus loves alllll the children.
Red, yellow black and white.

This resulted in her being under the 
UV lights for 24 hours. 
This just happened to be the day
that I was emotional.
I had a good cry when I saw her under the lights.
She looked so content,
like she just needed a margarita!
But it was so hard to only be able to have cuddles
during the 30-40 minutes she was being nursed.
We had a routine,
I fed and Spencer burped.
It was a very hard 24 hours.
She had her little foot pricked to check her levels 
a couple of times,
plus her IV.
We missed her so much,
and all I wanted to do was take her home.

Thankfully by the next morning her levels were down,
and the pediatrician was only concerned about her 
not having a bowel movement.
I fed her like a mad woman,
but we were waiting for my milk to come in.
After suggesting a temporary supplement,
I opted for a bottle of donor milk
as opposed to formula. 
Well after about 35 cc's of extra milk
(and a bit of encouragement from Dad to just "poop"
all over the place")
she filled her diaper alright!

I cried again.
We got to take her home!
We stayed a few more hours for
another feeding, 
then packed up and hit the road!

Since we've been home,
I am surprised to say how easy things have been.
Having my mom here to cook,
clean and cuddle with Claire.
I have a new appreciation for my parents.
Each time I look at Claire,
so peaceful in my arms,
I think,
"THIS is how much they love me?!"

Our first night at home was great.
We bathed her,
put in her in a clean sleeper and cuddled.
She woke up every 1.5,
but never cried.
It is amazing how my instincts just switched on.
A little noise and I knew what she wanted.
The next morning Spencer and I both felt like
we had decent sleeps.

And so did Claire. 
She was so alert!

She has had two check ups since we've been discharged.
One at the hospital yesterday to double check her levels,
make sure she's pooped
(the answer was YES YES YES!)
and show off my amazing milk supply. :)

This morning was her first appointment
with the Ped.
What a great man.
So gentle with a kind spirit.
I feel so confident with her in his care.
He was so pleased with everything.
She has been gaining weight
and now weights 3 oz. above her birth weight!

We had another great sleep last night.
I woke up a couple extra times
to check on her and found her sleeping like a....
She woke up once at 4:30, then at 6:30.
How blessed are we?!

now that you have Claire's whole life story
I hope you feel like you've caught up.
I want to sing for joy and shout it from
the roof tops how blessed we are! 

Each new day brings new discoveries,
tears of joy,
and the amazing smell of babies
and milk breath.

I truly feel like this is my calling.
I always new that it was,
being a mommy.
But now that I hold my baby in my arms,
I just know that my calling has been fulfilled.
I cannot wait for what life brings us,
but I promised Spencer, Claire and myself
that I will not wish away the time by saying
"I can't wait until..."

Tonight Grandpa (my dad)
comes to pick up my mom
(I think I will have to handcuff them here!)
and have a few more baby cuddles and kisses.
I think he will be surprised by how much she has changed since Sunday.

Then tomorrow Papa and Nana
arrive with Uncle Tyler and Uncle Travis.
Then Sunday comes Uncle Matt and Auntie Lauren!
Claire gets to meet them all in one weekend.
I am so excited to introduce her to her family.
They have been waiting so patiently for her arrival.
Also are her "pseudo cousins" Coco and Graci,
with Ben and Sharla.
Hoping to spend some time by the pool
watching the girls swim,
get outside in the sun
and share a few meals together.

What a week!


  1. Awww Michelle! I'm so glad that you're all home and everything is going well now! Having to stay in the hospital, especially once the "blues" have hit, is so not fun! She is so beautiful and I'm so happy (but not at all surprised ;) to hear that everything has been so natural for you!

  2. Congratulations Michelle and Spencer. What a beautiful baby! I love the schmooshed face photo!! I love it so so much. I hope you cherish this special time!!

    All my love.


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