It's Approaching...

I love summer.
I love autumn.
I love the late summer transition between the two.
Looking in shops these past couple weeks
I am noticing little details of autumn coming out.
Little squirrel figurines,
bowls of pine cones and acorns.
The rich colours of the season in tablecloths and napkins...

Here are a few of my favourite things of autumn and late summer 

Apple cider, apple pie and biting into a crisp apple.
Have you ever had an apple cider slurpee?
I tried one last fall at the Apple Barn in Abbotsford.

Something so cozy about these shoes. 
A slipper combined with a shoe. 
Probably not so good for rainy days
(which are most of the days in both Portland and Vancouver).
But they just scream comfort.

A cozy sweater.
I looooove cozy sweaters.
This cashmere one is guaranteed to be soft,
and isn't bulky.
Love to colour, too.

Cozy leg warmers for chubby baby legs! 
I have a cute pair from Diane in the most perfect autumn colours.
I can't wait until her legs are chubby enough to fit them! 

Looking forward to the return of my favourite Starbucks drink.
Heaven in a cup.
And I've figured out how to make it low(er) cal
So beautiful and summer-ish!
If I was that crazy, I'd have another wedding in early September.
On a farm, with sunflowers.

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