Father's Day

Mr. Raymond Dale Heinemann the First.
Also known as Dale,
or when I really want something,

You've taught me to be 
check the fluids in my car
and always be prepared.
You've taught me to 
step back and take a moment
to just soak it all in,
to make memories.
You've taught me some great skills
like how to shoot a rifle carefully,
how to talk while breathing in,
and that prayer is is always Plan A.

Coyboy Baths,
stroking my forhead to fall asleep,
family trips to Harrison,
graduation and walking me down the aisle.
You've been there for me through all of it.
And soon,
you will be there to hold my first baby.

I love you Dad!
My favourite picture of us. 

Easter up at Sunpeaks.

Little Dale with my Grandpa.

First time Daddy!

My dad with his Grandma,
who will be 103 this year!

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