Week 28

Round Three
(for me and the Canucks!)
the Home Stretch,
the last third...
call it what you will 
but I have officially entered
my third trimester.
There is a bit of a grey area
between week 27 and 28
as to which one marks the beginning 
of the third trimester
(according to what I read.)
But this is it.

When I say 12 more weeks
I get a tiny bit of a panicky feeling.
It is coming so soon! 
What if we're not ready!
Am I able to do this whole labor thing?
But when I say 3 more months,
it makes seem a bit longer
and a breathe a bit easier
(as much as my shrinking diaphragm will let me.)
Silly, isn't it?
You don't have to answer that,
I know it is.
Mind games.

This week emails and updates
tell me she is about 2 and a 1/2 pounds
and anywhere from 14-16 inches long
head to toes.
Her brain is changing from
smooth to developing some bumps and grooves.
She is getting a bit more plump
and her lungs are able to breathe air.
Which means if she were to be born now
(knock on wood)
she would need less medical intervention.
Apparently she is about the size

This was my first ever Mother's Day.
(In utero counts, I make the rules.)
Spencer got me the sweetest card for a
So fitting.
I had coffee & breakfast in bed
while watching Community.
We did the second coat of paint in
the nursery/spare room.
We shared lunch at a Mexican restaraunt
where I craved a lime margarita.
Spencer studied while I took it easy,
then we ventured out for a walk
at Lewis and Clarke State Park,
where it ended up pouring on us.
We came home to Deliccio pizza and a movie.

I think I could that whole Mother's Day bit again,
but next time I want a real baby in my arms.
(Or crawling around chewing on stuff.)

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