Mother's Day

I know everyone is updating their status'
and blogging about their moms
and how she really is the best mom there is.
Let me ask you this:
Is your mom Mother Teresa?
Cuz mine is.

Teresa Anne
is the most selfless person I know.
She gives, and gives, and gives some more.
She gave me many incredible things,
one of which being life
(thanks to her AND my dad.)
She taught me that it is 
important to laugh at yourself,
to pray and rely solely on God for happiness.
She isn't afraid of having fun,
and being silly.

Only now,
as I expect the arrival of my own daughter,
am I beginning to grasp how big and important her job was/is.
The relationship between a mother and a daughter 
really is a special bond.
I am so blessed to say that my mom and I
never had a period in life where we didn't get along.
My mom has always been the biggest encourager
and friend to me.
She has seen me through dirty diapers,
awkward 'Chiclet' teeth,
bad haircuts,
break ups,
becoming a woman,
teenager years (God bless her for that!),
wedding planning
and now becoming a mom myself.

Thank you Mom.
Thank you for selflessly giving up your body to carry me
(I see know just how much that means!),
for walking me to school,
accompanying me on field trips,
hosting sleepovers and birthday parties,
cuddling under the Christmas tree,
being the Tooth Fairy and Mrs. Claus.
For teaching me,
praying for me,
and being a cheer leader.

You are a fine example of a mother.
I only hope one day I can fill your shoes.

4 generations...
 Being silly
 Fun in Disneyland!
 First moments of life.

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