Unkept Promise

It's only KIND OF an 
unkept promise.
I have been taking photos,
but silly me didn't 
insert my card into the camera.
So now I need my camera chord
to transfer them to the computer,
which, of course, is at home.

Our two week Spring Break
is coming to a close.
And while some of our friends
were in sunshiney destinations
we have been spending it in
snowy Sunpeaks and the rainy Fraser Valley.

We've been visiting
and drinking coffee,
and eating,
and visiting some more.
Spencer is ready to back to school,
and I am feeling a little over stimulated!
It has been so good to be back home,
together this time.
We are already planning our next week
home together when I will
be 8 MONTHS!

For now here are a few funny photos 
for you to enjoy until I get my photos onto the computer.

1. Throughout my pregnancy I have been craving fresh fruit like crazy. And as of yesterday, I have been wanting lemon! Sweet lemon, sour lemon, even fresh lemoncello from Italy. Oh, what I wouldn't give to go back to Italy to the Lemon trees and have some fresh lemonade!
2. A very cool shot! Bird's eye view of skiing folk.

3. Do you know anyone that may need this form? For the consistently unsatisfied gift receivers.

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