Last Friday was such a beautiful
day it would have been a crime to stay inside.
So Spencer and I took off
and drove around Portland area
with the windows down
and the music up.
We had our sun glasses on
and we were cruising looking for
some beautiful parks to walk in.

We had intended to go to Bute State Park,
however both entrances were blocked off
by very bored looking police officers who informed us
 the park was closed.
We suspect murder.
And the B.A.U. was probably there.

First we went to a place
called the Grotto.
It seems like it was a Catholic place
intended to be a serene place
to walk peacefully,
pray and meditate.
There was a cool old chapel
as well as a walk of the Stations of the Cross.
It was an extra $4 to take an elevator
to the top of the cliff which had a view of the city.
We figured we could find another way up there.

Next we went to Mt. Tabor Park.
The weather was incredible nice
and it felt so good to be outside.
The lady in the first picture was actually suntanning!
Like in a bathing suit.
Okay, I know it was warm but it's not July!
There were many families and dog walkers enjoying the park.
We walked up to the top of the mountain
(don't worry they aren't like the mountains in the Lower Mainland.)

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