Portland Firsts

Spencer's first American community softball league.
It was interesting to learn that some of the rules are different here.
It took the Canadians on the team 
(11 of the 15)
some getting used to the new rules.
There's Spencer  playing short stop in the dark blue t-shirt.

 My first NHL play off pool!

Jordan helping Marissa with her next pick.

 Alyx practicing some soft tissue work on her boyfriend Steve.

 My team, plus Gaborik for my 5th Forward.
Looks pretty good, doesn't it?

And the first time my feet are disappearing.
The last remnants of my toes.
I bet by tomorrow or the next day they will be G.O.N.E!

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  1. Ben will have comments when I tell him of ll Canadian players on an American softball field! :) LOL!


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