Highlights from Home

Here are some photo highlights
from our trip back to Canada.
I know I missed a lot,
but I hope you enjoy these ones.

"Easter Dinner" at Mom and Dad's

 Date day with Spencer - being tourist in our own city.
We missed Vancouver!

 Spring is in the air and I love it!

 Megan and I showing off our baby bumps.
Our due dates are very close,
and although we bumps are similar in size,
we are carrying quite differently.
Very fun to meet with her and Josh,
catch up and talk about pregnancy and babies.

 James, Spencer's friend from school.
flew in to the Fraser Valley from Sask.
Because he'd never been to Vancouver before,
we took advantage of the nice weather and cruised Vancouver.
We covered a lot of ground,
including the Granville Island Public Market!

 Our time at Sunpeaks with the Smid's and the Wilcox clan,
including Ben's parents.
It was so nice to relax,
be in the snow and play with the little girls.
Here is a prime example of our cabin visits.
Coco is clearly getting the hang of it!

 Coco was very excited to put on her purple polka-dotted bikini
she got for Christmas and go in the hot tub with Tyler.
It was a little bit too hot,
so Coco took the snow and put it into the hot tub. 
Little Genius!

This is Sharla's photo,
but I had to "borrow" it because I just love how cute Graci looks chillin' in her sled!

Our friends from Portland, Jordan and Marissa,
stopped by for a night at Sunpeaks on their way home from Edmonton.
It was SO much fun to have them there,
and for them to meet and hang out with our family and friends.

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