A Crazy Week Ahead

This has got to be the wildest
ride in the west.
(*Name that Disneyland ride*)
Finals week is coming up,
and losing an hour of sleep
tonight is no help.
Not too mention
this cold that is hovering
above Spencer's head.

Besides looking forward
to Friday when the two of return
to our home and native land,
we have a busy week ahead of us.
Well - he does.
Does 9 exams in 5 days 
sound appealing to you?
Didn't think so.
5 of them are between
Monday and Tuesday.

If you could keep us in your
prayers this week
that would be greatly appreciated.
For health, concentration during exams
and safety driving home.

On a happier note,
Baby Girl is as big as a cantalope!
I feel like it, too.
For the first time a 
lady working at Safeway
asked if I had a baby on the way.
(Maybe because she sees me each week?)
and said I was tiny for 20 weeks.
Needless to say, 
I was walking on a cloud.
I don't feel so tiny,
and my waist seems to expand each day.

The Little One can now differentiate
between morning, afternoon and night.
She also seems to respond to voices,
especially mine and Spencer's.
Does anyone know at what stage
they know Mom and Dad's voice?
She is still moving around a lot,
and when she does I like to lie down 
for a moment and put my hands on my belly
and feel her squirming around.

Here's to a busy week,
with a great reward at the end!

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  1. praying for Spencer and his help mate. hugs to Miss Cantelope.
    love you both
    momma d


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