20 Weeks, 5 Days - An Update

As of right now,
Spencer has made it past 5 of his 9 exams.

This week I am feeling 
larger then life.
There is no mistaking this baby,
as she pokes through all my clothes.
Her kicks and punches 
are getting VERY strong.
They don't hurt too bad ... yet.
But I can see why people say it does.

There is no mistaking 
she is growing like a weed. 
I can feel her little body parts
squishing up against my stomach.
It feels very weird
to actually to feel distinct body parts,
like her back or her hand.

This morning for the first time,
her little hand was pushing toward 
the outside of my stomach,
it was much longer then a "punch".
So I put my hand against it,
it was so cool to almost be
'holding hands' with her,
with just some insides, fat and skin separating us.
That was the closest physically I have felt to her.

So far, I really like the feeling
of being able to tell that there is a baby
inside of my tummy,
and not just "something",
as her movements are very coordinated now,
and more then just flutters.

On Sunday I was saying to Spencer,
that although being sick for 10 weeks
was the worst I have ever felt,
I have been so blessed to have 
had a blissful pregnancy since then.
As soon as week 15 was complete,
I have had virtually no aches and pains,
or any other complaints.
While reading emails,
and the books I have,
I read all the possible symptoms
and what other women go through
during their second trimester.
A lot of very unglamorous things.
I am thankful that all I have now
is some tiredness,
that I can fix with a nap.

We have decided on a name
(not telling!)
and we are practicing calling her by it.
She also has lots of nicknames.

Here she is, in all her glory
at 20 weeks and 5 days.

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