A Really Awesome Weekend

This really awesome weekend
was really awesome

1) We went to the Winterhawks game
and introduced Jessi to Happy Hour.

2) The PACKERS won the Super Bowl.
Spencer's team won.
They wore green, they drank beer, and ate pizza.
And were really really happy guys.

3) As you can see from the photo above, Tyler and Jessi came to visit!
Unfortunately, I didn't take very many photos this weekend 
(two to be exact) and so I have
no photographic of Jessi being here.
We took one picture on her camera at the game
and I look really white, 
and oddly nervous. 
It's not going on this blog.

4) We played games and drank a lot of
 Arizona Pomegranate Iced Green Tea

5) We explored downtown, ate Hot Kiss Pizza
(a.k.a. Hot Lips),
 and visited a guitar store with real rock stars

6) We had Story Time With Tyler
where we read an anatomy book 
and learned about our bodies.
To which Spencer informed
us that pieces were quite inaccurate.

7) Jessi and I went shopping Sunday afternoon.
We browsed to our hearts content
and Jessi scored some awesome deals.
I found these glasses that were just way too much fun!

Intense moments,
dagger fingers (not mentioning any names, but you know who you are {both of you}),
pink lipstick,
new boots and grey t shirts,
deflating air mattresses,
people watching at hockey games,
people watching downtown,
people watching on the train.
Cheezy commercials,
funny commercials,
and really odd commercials.
Pumpkin pancakes and Pineapple.
Great weekend
and I am so sad to see them go.

And here, 
for good measure,
is a photo of Jessi and I.
Not from this weekend 
but from many years ago!


  1. mmmm...pumpkin pancake recipe please:)

  2. You captured the guys competitiveness with the photo of Tyler holding the ball in the air and Spencers look of what the ....?
    love it, thanks for sharing


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