No Pictures Yet, But Here's the News

So as I've blogged before,
I have officially popped.
It is fun for me to hear 
from people we know
exclaim with joy at the little
round protrusion that sticks out over my pants.
Although, I am still self-conscious
of what strangers think of it.
I know I shouldn't be,
but I am.

It is both fascinating and frustrating
to see the changes a woman's body goes
through to make this baby 
and prepare for its arrival.
It is crazy how it just knows 
what to do and I am not controlling it.

Even the very fact that I have been
craving milk the past couple of days
because the Little One's 
bones are ocifying and needs the extra calcium.

My ligaments are all
Loosey Goosey.
Sometimes I will lie on my back
and Spencer will pull on my legs
(it feels good on my hips)
and my ankles will just POP!
It hurts a little,
but mostly makes us laugh.
I can feel my hips loosening,
which can be uncomfortable,
but most days doesn't bother me.

Some nights I cry to Spencer
because my body is changing,
and so quickly.
But he is so good
to comfort me 
and tell me how beautiful I am.
I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband,
and a host of moms, dad, brothers and a sister
to be there and encourage me
and tell me that I am still pretty.
And they are so good about it, too.
Lately, I have been needing this verbal affirmation.

Tomorrow marks week 15.
It is growing like crazy
and things are beginning to 
feel a little cramped in there.
It isn't comfortable to lie 
on my stomach anymore
and sometimes I find it 
difficult to find a good sleeping position.

There is a vein, or a nerve
{I don't know! That's Spencer's job!}
that twitches and I think
that it's the baby moving.
I get super excited, 
then touch the spot,
and remember it's just that thing.
Most women tell me it is between
17 and 20 weeks.
I am hoping for 17, 
because then I'd only have
to wait 2 more weeks!
That is one of the things 
I am most excited for 
in this pregnancy I think.

Most days I think it will be
a girl, but I flip flop.
Most others think its a girl too.
In fact, Tyler and Travis call it their niece!
Spencer doesn't really say what he thinks.
Maybe he doesn't want to offend it.

The best news I have to report
is that I think I have turned a curve.
I still have my moments,
but for the most part I think I am
feeling better. YAY!
I have a bit of my energy back,
but not entirely.
I was able to keep up
this weekend.
I hope that it's true,
and I hope that I don't JINX myself by blogging it.

Past and Present Mama's - what are your highlights
and lowlights of pregnancy?

(I do appreciate real and honest answers. I won't be scared!)

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  1. I just blogged about the downs and ups for me in pregnancy :)
    i'm glad to hear you're feeling a little better! i loved when i finally started looking pregnant, especially this second time around since i "popped" sooner than the first!


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