The Bright Side

With the sun shining,
it has encouraged me
(okay, pushed me over the edge)
to look on the bright side
of winter.

In all honesty,
it's tough for me.
It isn't my favourite season.
Out of all 4, 
it ranks in 4th place.

So I racked my brain 
to help get me through
the winter months.
With today being Groundhog day,
and that stupid groundhog
always gives us 6 more weeks
(has there been a year where he has not?!)
I came up with a list
that was surprisingly long (ish).

1. OF COURSE there is the Christmas season.
This gets me through the first couple months of the cold season.

2. And then, of course as you've been reading, 
there's Valentine's Day (swoon)

3. Yummy cozy drinks like tea, chai, steamed milk and hot cocoa

4. Wearing pants - this means you don't have to
worry about your legs being white... or hairy. ;)

5. Oh, and those cozy sweaters and cute slippers to help keep us warm.
Tommy Hilfiger Cable Knit Crew

6. There's cuddling under blankies watching movies.

7. Don't forget plaid scarves!
Burberry Washed Check Snood

8. Hanging out at Sunpeaks, watching the snow fall.

9. building snow forts as a kid. 
I remember one year we built the sweetest Igloo.

10.  um.... 10.... there's gotta be a 10th.

Nope, sorry guys. That's it.
Winter's okay, I guess. 

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  1. And me just hating the thought of winter coming to an end. Love love this season
    momma d


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