Seaside, Oregon

For my birthday present this year
Spencer did very well!
The two of us went to Seaside,Oregon
on the - you guessed it - sea side. 

Our room was cozy (King sized bed!)
with a spectacular view of the ocean.
It was the perfect way to unwind from a crazy 
and hectic two weeks and to recover from being sick.
I was so happy I felt well enough to go.

We went to check in to our room
and were informed that it wasn't ready yet.
But that was fine because we were early,
and wanted to look around anyways.
After cruising the shops
filled with tacky posters of dolphins
over priced sea shells
and sweaters proudly displaying the sleepy towns name,
we returned to check in.

The owner felt bad that we had to wait
for our room,
so he bought each of us a drink,
and wouldn't take no for an answer.
I told him that I do not drink because I am pregnant.
He was quick to reply that he would buy me
a congratulatory Virgin Margarita.
We sat in the lounge in front of a big
cozy fire place looking at the ocean.

We went up to our room
and sat in the big chairs by the window and played crib.
Then took a much needed nap.
We woke up just before our dinner reservations.
We ate in the restaurant downstairs
as we were given a gift certificate at check in.

Because my stummy was still a bit weak
I decided to take it easy on the rich foods,
even though it all looked delicious!
We ordered an appetizer
which was so-o-o- good.
I ordered Baked Penne,
and Spencer ordered Seafood Lingunine
(since I don't like Seafood, its always what Spencer orders when we go out.)
He said it was the best dish he thinks he has ever eaten.

The chef of Maggie's on the Prom
battled, and won, in Iron Chef. 
Pretty impressive. 
No wonder it was the best he'd ever had.
I received a complimentary dessert because 
it was my birthday.
If you know me,
you won't be surprised to find out I had creme brulee. 
Spencer had the French Silk Chocolate Hazelnut Torte. 

The evening was spent in the bathtub with jets
then falling asleep in the super big bed in front of the TV.
It took me all of about 5 minutes to fall asleep...even with the nap beforehand.

It was so nice to wake up to the waves crashing on the shore.
A beautiful morning, with a skim of snow on the sand.
Each of us had another bath
then packed up and headed out to breakfast.

Though the roads were a bit treacherous,
the drive home topped off a great relaxing weekend.
It was a winter wonderland and each turn offered
scenic beauty that would be offered on a Christmas card.

Now that I am feeling much better,
I have cleaned the kitchen and am working on unpacking from
yes - a week ago.

{ How was your weekend ? }


  1. I missed you alot today. I have been texting you but its not going though? Did you change your number young lady? cuz I NEED it! I miss you/love you/am so glad you had a great time. it looks beautiful. xoxo


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