Drugs, Drugs, I Love Drugs

No, not 'street drugs'
I am talking about good ol' Robisussin.
I can take it!
Also, Spencer just went and picked up
my prescription for "severe nausea and vomiting".
Yup, that's me.
It goes in, then it comes up and out.
I am really hoping this helps!

So with much time to sit and think
(much MUCH time)
I have come up with a bit of a list.
Pioneer Woman inspired me yesterday as she 
put together her A List.
I haven't done one in a while,
and mine will never be as witty, funny and
interesting as hers.
But here goes anyway:

1. I will never, ever work for the marketing department of Gatorade. Even if they begged me to.. it's disgusting. Unless however, they paid me so much money that I had to turn in my morals and lie through my teeth that it is a fruity and delicious drink.

2. I got out of my pajamas for the first time today and put on regular people clothes. This was just so that I was appropriate to see my doctor. Later I threw up on these clothes and changed back in to my pajamas. 
Hey, its my blog, if I wanna mention throw up, then I will. ;)

3. Saturday Night Live reruns proves that laughter is the best medicine. Even when this laughter causes me to cough out my left,then right, lung.

4. Vaseline keeps my lips, and my heels, moist

5. I will never buy Trader Joe's tissues again. Although they come in the most adorable boxes, my nose has a permanent red rough patch beneath my nostrils. I pray it will return to its normal colour one day.

6. Seeing your baby's heartbeat and huge head on a monitor is exciting. I hope its head shrinks (or grows) to become proportionate with the rest of its body. Either that, or its sure to be a brainiac!

7. All this time, which has allowed me to formulate this list, has also allowed me to find and research various types of baby items such as cribs and strollers. The what's what of all that is baby, I am determined not to get ripped off or screwed over because I have "First Time Mom" stamped on my forhead... or belly.

8. Did you know that the MINUTE that I saw those two pink lines my belly said "Screw you" and popped out two pink lines on itself... one on either side of my belly button. There wasn't even time for me to buy that Vit E or Cocoa butter... and my waist hasn't grown an inch. 

9. Two more weeks until our girls week in Disneyland. Oh Mickey... you complete me.... uh, I mean, after Spencer of course. :)

10. For the sanity of myself, and the patience of my husband that will surely run out one of these days, pray that I get well soon! I am hoping that after I get rid of the cold/flu thing, I will just be rid of morning sickness in general. Wouldn't that be nice? Spencer has been so good to me, despite all that he has going on with his schooling and coping. I am one of those sick people that is utterly pathetic, and he is one heck of a husband...

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