A while ago, I had posted on my Facebook
how much I missed Smarties.
Nicole, the sweetheart she is,
sent me a box full of Smarties!
It's not necessarily that I love Smarties,
I am not even a big candy lover.
But I guess it's just a case of
combined with that deadly chocolate craving
that women experience once... in a while.

Anyway, long story longer
I was telling my intern at the Chiropractic office about these Smarties
And he reminded me that our (being Canadians)
Smarties are different then American Smarties.
So after my adjsutment he went to the candy bowl
at the Amin. Office and fetched me Smarties USA style.

When he handed it to me, I laughed


Except they don't taste like Rockets, they taste like Pez.

After trying Canadian Smarties vs. American Smarties
And also knowing what Rockets taste like vs. American Smarties
I have come to the conclusion that the Canadian candy is better in both cases.
Sorry Americans, its just the truth. 
Travel North and eat real Smarties,
I am sure you will agree with me.

Canada 2, America 0

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  1. I LOVE how the label on the Rockets/Smarties is EXACTLY the same with a different name. I'm sure they're made in the same factory somewhere!


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