The Downward Christmas Slope

Is anyone else experiencing
the After Christmas Slump?
I sure am.
And I am glad we don't have to leave Canada just yet.

It's 10:34 and we are shamelessly sitting in
my parents living room in our PJs
Spencer reading his new book,
and I am catching up on blogs.

We were spoiled this Christmas
Not only did we get a BABY,
we got to spend a week at Sunpeaks,
spend a good chunk of time at home
with my family and catching up with friends -
I also got a Girls Trip to Disneyland
with Ma and Lauren!

We leave the guys behind for 5 days
to visit the Happiest Place on Earth.
I am ecstatic.
Not just because its Disneyland
but also because there will be NO
stinky, burpy dudes around.
We can keep our hotel room
smelling like perfume and hair spray,
take as long as we want getting ready.

I must admit I am slightly bummed
that I can't go on some of my favourite rides.
But like I told Spencer,
if this child prevents its Mama from going to Disneyland,
that it ain't my offspring!
I hope it will appreciate Disney and much as I do.
Whether it dresses up like a princess,
or fights Captain Hook,
I will be happy.

I have photos on my camera,
but that would require me getting up off the couch.
And I am just not at that stage in my morning yet. 
You will see some pictures soon.
(Including one of the puzzle we put together on Boxing Day.)

The past 12 days have been bliss
having Spencer on holidays.
He has nothing to do except relax.
It is nice to see him reading a book
and ditching the textbooks for now
(except for that one day he got a pathology textbook from Agnus.)
He said he feels lazy,
but after a busy semester and an ever busier one coming up
I think that this break is much needed and very good for him.

I am also very excited to shamelessly begin posting 
about everything pregnancy and baby related.
All those cute little kiddy things I see on the internet,
and how I am feeling,
I can post all that! 
The secret is out and it feels good.

So to top you off for now, I leave you with this adorable onesie

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  1. that was one of my biggest disappointments..not being able to go to playland! TWO YEARS IN A ROW!! it sucked, but this summer i will be going!!
    hope you have fun at disneyland!


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