The Wiebe's Came to Town

Friday night we came home from our
and Spencer and I were sitting out on the porch
when there was a knock on the door.
I didn't really think anything of it,
Spencer went to answer it and there
were two scary people with very creepy masks on
who entered our house!

But before you worry,
let me assure you,
we know them!
It was Edolbina and Andrew!
They came to stay for the weekend!

They hadn't eaten dinner yet
when they arrived,
so Spencer and I took them
to our favourite bar
for Happy Hour 
(CHEAP drinks and CHEAP  good food.)

Saturday it rained,
so we took them on the best 
tour of the city we could.
We checked out Lloyd Center
while it was POURING
and we went to the market
when it was just regular raining.

That night we celebrated
Halloween a day early
by dressing up
(Edolbina= bunny
Andrew=football player
Spencer=escape convict
Michelle=Uncle Sam)
We went out with
(Jordan= hilly billy cowboy, complete with horse
and Marissa = a very sweet Snow White)
to a bar called the 
Wooden Chickens
Whatever conclusions 
you are drawing about this
bar from its name...
you are probably right.
But it was fun!
There was a cash prize contest for 
best costume and Jordan won second place!

Sunday we (okay, I) slept in
then we took Andrew and Edolbina 
for a drive to the Multnomah Falls and 
drive the Historic Columbia River Highway.
The Multnomah Falls were AMAZING
Last time we went we didn't see them.
I had the BEST CORN DOG EVER there.
Then we took Edolbina to the antique shop
She loved it (I knew she would)
and she came out with a really cool old globe.

We are so glad that the Wiebe's came
to see our little corner of the world!


  1. sigh, it was delightful. seriously delightful. I miss you already, especially on this rainy day, when we could cuddle and watch movies. xoxo

  2. Wait! Where's photos of the award winning costumes?


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