Antique Shopping

Driving through Troutdale on Sunday we came across a cute little town. One shop had a sign that said "Voted Best Antique Shop for the past 3 years!"

So we stopped in to see just how good it is.

Well, it is AMAZING.

There are different sections where each 'vendor' sells it's own goods.
Some vendors were ridiculously expensive,
but most,
were way more under priced that what I am used to for antiques.

Since I don't have a job,
and don't see one in my near future,
being in there was a bit like torture.
A bit.
That may be a SLIGHT exaggeration.

So many treasures at such low prices.
I could have turned our little apartment into 
it's own antique shop!
So instead, I took pictures of most things I liked.
I had to be careful though
because the crazy owner with way too much
80's make up seemed to be lurking around every corner.
So I had to use my mad Spy Camera skills.

Here is a collage of some of my favourite finds.

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  1. i absolutely LOVE antique stores....LOVE the collage....jealous of what you get to spend your days doing!!


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