Right Now I Am Thinking About...

Whether or not I could pull this hair style off...

because I know I can't pull this style off, even though I think it's very cool

Thinking about how my living room
was so quickly turned upside down.
Empty boxes everywhere,
stockings in a pile along with shiney Christmas balls
and chords of tiny white lights all knotted together.
All the while humming along to James

Do I have anything to where these to this Christmas?
Aren't they very yuletide and screaming everything festive?

Saw this little boy and thought his outfit was ADORABLE.
I doubt Spencer would let me dress my son with pom poms on his socks.

And finally, we are counting down hours at our house.
Counting down the hours until these two 
arrive at our house tomorrow morning.
Whitt and Dave, who planned this weekend down here
as soon as Spencer received his acceptance letter to school.
So we've been excited for a VERY long time.

{ What are YOU looking forward to? }

1 comment:

  1. i am looking forward to making waffles in the morning.

    getting up on the mountain to snowboard.

    christmas shopping for people that i love.

    annnnd taking pictures.

    great post!
    miss ya


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