An Imperial Teleport

Teleportation: is the process of physically relocating the body from one place to another site without touching it in anyway, or using any mechanical device. What we find in a true teleportation is that physical body dematerializes (disappears) from one location and subsequently rematerializes (reappears) in a different spot in an instant often accompanied by a "pop" sound.

If I had one, here are the top 5 places I would teleport too (and yes, I would take people with me)

5. to a beach, somwhere hot
4. I would use it for time travel to be on the other side of my dentist appointment!
3. to Delta to see Whitt and Melissa
2. to Sunpeaks to play in the snow
1. home to bring Spencer back here with me

If you had a teleport, where would you go?

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